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  • David Costa

When you find them eliminate them.

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

I guess my idea for my book Tested by Fire came from the 9/11 attack and the spread of this type of terrorism throughout the world. I realised that the terrorists involved were not interested in negotiating but wanted to destroy the very existence of the West. I then began to think how would the west combat this, bearing in mind the exposure to and freedom of, the press. The only way to combat terror I realised was to fight it with greater terror and to track down and eliminate the terrorists before they could kill. This idea then took shape and now appears as the written word on the pages of my first book Tested By Fire the first in a trilogy describing such a secret war. David Reece leads a team of MI6 Black Ops agents in that war and every operation is a race against time to find the terrorists and eliminate them before its too late.

David Costa.

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